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Michael McNaughton, CFP®, CLU, CLTC, AIF®



Daniel M. Schmitz, AIF®, CLTC



Traci Lewis

Candidate for CFP
® certification

I assist in building the comprehensive plans that your financial advisor creates based on your personal circumstances and goals.


Tricia Donals
Client Service Coordinator

I am happy to help with account related service requests and answer any questions you may have.


Emily Schneider
Client Concierge

I will often be the first voice you hear when you call and am happy to assist in any way, including scheduling appointments.


Scott Eisenmenger
Financial Assistant

I help gather all the information needed for your meetings and am your go to person for general service related requests.

Sydney (002)

Sydney Cuvelier
Financial Assistant

I coordinate communication between clients and advisors assuring that top priorities are addressed.


Julie Mersdorf
Client Experience Manager

I look forward to seeing you at the education and appreciation events that I plan for our clients.


Melissa McNaughton
Strategic Planning Manager

I help align resources so your advisors can focus on implementing plans and strategies for our clients.


Sarah Stefanon
Information Specialist and Project Manager

I work behind the scenes handling research, mentoring new team members and working on client initiatives.

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Telephone: (585) 787-6870
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