What separates us from others is the personal connections we develop with our clients. We’ll take the time to listen and genuinely understand your goals. We have more than 20 years of experience providing the kind of caring and thoughtful guidance you can count on to help reach your financial milestones.


We offer you investment guidance while delivering something more: comprehensive wealth management. Our advisors can help counsel you on all money matters because they’ve been there before for so many people who share your financial objectives.

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Serving You Better


When you become an OakWood client, you can expect to be part of a long-term relationship that's built on trust and mutual respect. We’re always striving to serve you better.


We enjoy spending time with our clients. That’s why we’ll invite you to special events throughout the year, including financial education sessions and fun activities.

A Process that Empowers You

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It Starts with a Conversation

We’ll get to know each other and learn about what you want to achieve. This helps us determine if we're a good fit for you.

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Your Facts and Feelings

We’ll dig into your statements, balances, and policies. But we also want to uncover what’s important to you, what you're passionate about, and what your feelings are about money.

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Personalized for You

We’ll create a complete view of your financial picture. You’ll get a thorough strategy with options and action steps, so you can make informed decisions and determine if you want to move forward.


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Implementing Your Plan

We navigate the necessary steps with financial institutions to streamline the process. We partner with CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals to ensure a cohesive plan.

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Continuous Monitoring

Having a fluid plan helps ensure you’re prepared when things change. We'll actively work with you to make adjustments along the way.


Let’s Help Map Your Goals


We use a powerful tool called Asset-Map to help you simplify your financial life. Your map measures your progress toward each of your objectives and helps keep you on track to reaching your financial destination.


To start your discovery process, simply click the Asset-Map button below. Once you're finished, we'll reach out to share your personalized financial picture.


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