Our Process

Our Process

Starting With Conversation

The process of identifying and prioritizing your goals begins with finding the right information to make the right decisions. Sitting down and getting to know each other provides us the opportunity to listen and learn about what you hope to accomplish and for you to ask us questions. This helps us both determine whether the services we provide align with your needs.

Gathering Information

The two pieces that come together at this stage couldn’t be more different. The hard data is easy to obtain in the form of statements, current balances, and existing policies. The more significant piece is the intangibles—what is important to you. The time we spend to understand and incorporate both components is what guides us when creating your financial plan.

Your Personal Financial Plan

We compile your information to form the big picture and then focus on each piece to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you. This comprehensive life-planning approach allows us to help you reach your goals. It is then our responsibility to communicate the strategy and your options in order for you to be informed and comfortable making decisions to move forward.

Implementation and Your Team

The OakWood team knows how to navigate through all the steps and details needed to interface with financial institutions, complete the necessary paperwork, and streamline the process for you. We partner with CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals to ensure a cohesive plan.

Ongoing Review and Service

Having a plan in place doesn’t mean we have reached your destination. Life happens and, with that, changes may be required. Having a fluid plan helps ensure that you are protected and prepared. We actively monitor where you are in relationship to your goals and will be available to meet as necessary to keep you on your desired path.

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