We have a reputation for building long-lasting and authentic relationships with our clients. We’ll treat you like a member of our OakWood family, and we believe there’s nothing more important than helping family members reach their goals.

You'll take advantage of our firm's experience and thinking because we team up for you. That means you can put our combined ideas and strategies to work on addressing your financial needs. You'll receive the collaborative insights from a team of compassionate advisors.

Helping You Take the Right Steps


We’re deeply focused on bringing you to a place where you’re more knowledgeable and informed about your finances. That way, you’ll be empowered and feel more confident about your financial decisions.

Services to Meet Your Needs


You can take advantage of a full range of services and guidance in all areas of your finances.

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With a focus on your lifestyle goals and long-term dreams, an all-inclusive strategy can help you get there.

Retirement and Income Planning Icon


Strive to grow your wealth today and draw on your income in the most efficient way during retirement.

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Build a personalized portfolio that allows you to pursue your goals while staying within your risk comfort zone.

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From pinpointing your most effective funding options to school selection, we’ll help you navigate the process.

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Taxation Planning

Explore all the legislation opportunities available to help minimize your tax liabilities.

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Estate Planning

Plan for the management of your assets during life and its orderly distribution after passing.

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Risk Management

Learn how to protect your family by minimizing losses associated with your assets.



What’s Your Risk Number?


We use innovative technology to better understand your comfort with investment risk. It’s called Riskalyze and it helps to ensure your portfolio aligns with your needs. Complete a five-minute quiz that covers your top financial goals and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. You’re going to love how understanding your risk number empowers you as an investor.


Start by clicking below to find your number.  Once you’re finished, we’ll reach out to share your results. 



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