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Because life is hectic, and this allows you to quickly schedule your appointment at your convenience with a few taps or clicks. This makes it easier for you to keep your reviews timely. #procrastination #boringreports

An opportunity to stay home in your pajamas, multi-task during lunch, or avoid snowy roads.  This option provides ultimate flexibility and allows us to share information real-time on your computer, tablet, or smart phone — provided you have an internet connection.

No special degree or new-fangled technology required! Simply click on the link in your appointment email and follow the prompts.

Yes. Even without tinfoil or a burner phone, you are covered. Glance has completed an ISO 27001 audit and earned certification from an ANAB-accredited 3rd party auditor, having demonstrated compliance with rigorous technical standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data and commitment to information security at every level. Commonwealth’s rigorous vetting and due-diligence process has given this the thumbs-up.

It would be great to catch-up and meet with clients every hour of every day, but the behind the scenes magic of planning and implementation is accomplished by having dedicated days to focus and cross things off our lists. Spoiler: it isn’t magic, but it makes being sequestered in our offices sound fun. #prep #planning #implement #monitor

Immediately stop what you are doing and pick up the phone. Seriously, don’t ever hesitate to call the office at (585) 787-6870 so that we can assist you with your needs. We get it. #lifehappens